Halloween Fancy Dress Contest  31/10/2008  Pictures

Our ‘Halloween Fancy Dress Contest’ was held in the hall after school on 31 October, 2008. Students from different forms created many fantastic costumes which are full of imagination. In order to protect the environment, they recycled some stuff like old clothes, ribbons. During the competition, the models tried all their best to impress the judges and students with interesting acts and scary masks! The spokespersons in each team also gave English explanation about the design of the clothes to our audience. Four student teachers from McGill UniversityMs. Meghan Robertson, Ms. Elyse Croteau, Ms. Myriam Graucher and Ms. Melissa Yee-Sui-Chun joined the activity and acted as guest judges too. The whole program ended with applause and laughter at around 4:15 p.m.


Names , Classes and Prizes for the Halloween Fancy Dress Competition

1.      The Most Original Costume

Class: 3D

Members: Chim Sin Man, Leung Hiu Ching, Ng Kwan Ho and Wan Pui Man


2.      The Most Scary Costume

Class: 4A3

Members: Lai Suet Mui, Yau Chun Fung, Chan Hau Lam and Fong Lai Hang


3.      The Funniest Costume

Class: 1D

Members: Poon Kam Ho, Chau Kin Kiu, Po Chung Him, Lau Shun Hei and Li Ching Fung


4.      The Second Runner Up

Class: 4B1

Members: Tse Wing Ki, Ho Wing Man, Wong Tsz Ching, Chun Chung Yan, Leung Yee Chun


5.      The First Runner Up

Class: 4A1

Members: Liu Chun Yu, Chiu Hok Ming, Lau Yuet Tim, Huang Fung Fung


6.      Championship

Class: 3A

Members: Bun Khui Lian, Cheng hing Sum, Cheung Tsz Him, Chiu Kwan Lam, Hui Chung Man, Keung Heung Wai, Lau Ho Wai, Tang Tsz Ching, To Yee Hung, Yip Choi Hung